How To Be an Entrepreneur and Make Millions Everyday?

“How to be an entrepreneur?” 

A question that millions of people have thought of at least at some point in their lives. Yet, only a couple of them decided to pursue entrepreneurship. Why? It’s because most people don’t fully understand what it means to become an entrepreneur. Some of them think that entrepreneurship is risky and it doesn’t have a stable income. Others think that in order to become an entrepreneur, you need to graduate business school. But, to tell you the truth, you don’t. Everyone can become an entrepreneur! And now, I will tell you the story of how I started my entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 17.

My First Step to The Life of an Entrepreneur

Most entrepreneurs started their journey with passion. However, I started mine, with fear. At first, I had absolutely no idea about how to be an entrepreneur, but as time went by I learned a lot of things and entrepreneurship just came naturally. Ever since I was a little boy, I have always been terrified of the creepy crawlies. Reptiles, spiders, centipedes, scorpions and all the like. To me, they all look the same – Monsters. There was even this one time where I bought tiny spiders hoping to somehow relieve me of my fear. But, that wasn’t the case. Instead of helping me cope up with it, It made me even more scared of it. This is the instrument for success.

Years passed and I was able to slightly get over my fear. Probably because of maturity, knowing that they can’t hurt me because I’m much bigger and stronger than them. So, I started to purchase tarantulas! (Tell me about big steps) At the first month, it was just a spider on the glass cage. Then months have passed and I’ve finally built the courage to hold it for the very first time.

It was a sudden breeze of comfort. Out of nowhere, the fear went away. I finally understood that; unless I hurt them or they feel threatened; They won’t hurt me back. And just like that my fear was gone. So, I started making it a hobby. Buying tarantulas of several breeds and classes. And soon after, I decided to take on reptiles. At first, I was a little skeptical if that was the right move. But, in the end, I ended up loving them. They became a part of who I am today, and most importantly, they became the instrument of my success. And in that moment I wondered:

“How can I make money from this?”

“What can I do to earn from my hobby?”

“Where can I learn how to be an entrepreneur?”

How I Earned From My Fear

During the first years of my hobby, I wasn’t earning a single cent. All of it was for my personal joy and contempt. But, when I started breeding them. That’s the time it became a problem. You see, a single tarantula egg sack has hundreds of slings (Babies) if they are properly cared for. So, you can only imagine how much space that would take up in my home. Not to mention have I never breed only one species at a time. Usually, I have 5-6 breeding projects which will amount to thousands of slings. 

how to be an entrepreneur

A single tarantula sling would regularly cost for about PHP 350-500  depending on the species. Some of my projects even cost PHP 1000-2000 per sling, because it’s a rare breed. But, that wasn’t my trump card. You see, I also breed reptiles. Which are much more in demand and profitable. A leopard gecko hatchling (Baby) would amount to PHP2500-4000. Not only that, I also breed bearded dragons which cost about PHP 5000-10,000 per hatchling.  So, how to be an entrepreneur? Just sell your hobby.

Over the course of my hobby, I realized that I won’t be able to care for all of the offspring. So, I decided to sell them online. I would usually get clients from my posts on buy and sell groups on Facebook, and recommendations from my friends. Soon after, I created my own Facebook page –  XoticMarket (currently deactivated) To help boost my sales. And wonder of all wonders, it did. I got bombarded with orders all across the Philippines. And in just a year, I gained over PHP 550,000 Gross profit!

how to be an entrepreneur

To some people, this may only be a small amount. But, for me, it’s a lot. What did I do with the money? I invested it. I do what I preach. So, I invested it in mutual funds and the blue-chip company shares; One big step for my retirement as I liked to say. Currently, I’ve stopped selling exotics. It’s been great, but that wasn’t what I would want to do for the rest of my life. I am now busy with my true passion: Public speaking. Besides, the market for exotics are at a long time low. With the rapid increase of supply (Species), the demand decreased. That’s just a brief summary of how I answered the question in my head back then: How to be an entrepreneur? But, for me, it won’t stop there. The world is big and there are a lot of opportunities for everyone to become an entrepreneur.

The lessons I’ve learned from My Journey

how to be an entrepreneur

1. Fear can be both a blessing and a curse

Fear is only False Evidence Appearing to be Real. If you want to get over it, then you have to do what you fear the most. There’s no way around it. The only way you can get over it is by having faith in God and in yourself, that no matter what happens you will always prevail against it. And maybe, just maybe. By eliminating your fear, you could find something great hiding within it. Like how I did. Like what I did. 

2. Being resourceful will give you amazing rewards

When I started collecting tarantulas and reptiles, I didn’t expect to use it for profit. It was all only for my enjoyment. But, as things get tangled up and I’m faced with thousands of offspring. I became resourceful, I sold them and made a living. Who knew that I would make so much profit from creepy crawlies. I considered that as the turning point in my life, the answer to the question of how to be an entrepreneur?

3. Passion is the real deal

If you are wondering how to be an entrepreneur? Or what do you need before becoming an entrepreneur? The answer is passion. Every entrepreneur’s started with their passion. Sure, before it became my passion, it was my fear. But, passion can come from anyone and anything. Passion is simply the thing that motivates you to get up every day. It doesn’t matter where you get it if you’re driven by something, if you are willing to do work even though you won’t be earning a cent, then you’re passionate about something. And by using that, you will certainly reach places that others can only dream of reaching.


Why Should You Become an Entrepreneur?

Here’s a pop quiz! Which of these do you value the most? Don’t cheat okay, pick what you really think is more important in your life. Why do you need to pick? Because this is a crucial factor in answering the question of how to be an entrepreneur. This will decide if you are fit to become one. Now pick: Family? Love? Time? Money?

If you picked only one from all of these, then you’re a bad decision maker. Why? All of these are connected. You need all of them in order to create a productive and healthy lifestyle. Okay, let me elaborate. The family is the basic component of happiness, this is your central joy. But, without love -The one thing that binds the whole family together. It will shatter from within, the relationships between each other will cease to exist.

Now, this is where time comes in. How are you going to be able to express love to one another if you didn’t even have time to spend with each other in the first place? Time is a very important factor in building your relationships. Not, just with your family, but also with the people around you. And lastly, do you really need money in your life? The answer is very simple, yes.

how to be an entrepreneur

Have you ever seen a happy family living without any money? I am not telling you to hoard money just for your own selfish reasons. What I want you to learn is: Money is just as important as time. Why? You can’t buy food without money, you can’t acquire electricity and clean water without money, you can’t provide proper shelter for your family without money. How else are you going to live without the basic necessities for survival? If you want to provide the best possible life for you and your family, you need to learn how to be an entrepreneur and prosper from your passion!

“A simple life is a beautiful life”

“Money is the root of all evil”

“Rich people are evil” and so on and on and on…

Do you want to know the hard truth? We need money to survive. We need money in order to provide our families with the life they deserve. Otherwise, we will do more harm than good. What will happen to your children? To your wife? If you can’t even feed them regularly. Where are you going to take them if they get sick? To the albularyo (Witchdoctor)? Filipinos really have an attitude for romanticizing poverty. Most of them take it to extremes, and in the process, they drag their families along to their pain and suffering.

I assure you, poverty is not romantic at all. Is seeing an infant suffering from hunger because her mother can’t provide him with milk, romantic? Hell no! Is seeing an old lady cry out of pain because she can’t provide proper medical care for her ailments, romantic? Not in a million years. Do you see now? Having money is not a sin if you use it to help others. Money is bad when you only use it for selfish reasons. Do you want to help your families and the people around you? Then, learn how to be an entrepreneur and bless other people while God is blessing you.

Now, to get back to my pop quiz. Can you actually achieve all of those four core values? Maybe, but it depends on how you live your life. If you are an employee, then chances are you live on a paycheck to paycheck basis. You don’t get too much money, but you don’t usually run out of it either. Although, in some cases. Employees usually don’t have enough money to cover all of their needs. Especially when they have a family to feed.

how to be an entrepreneur

Which results in a ripple effect of stress, anger, and fear of not being able to provide everything their families need which lead to fighting, misunderstanding and potentially losing the love that once sparked their relationships. Thus wrecking their families. All of this was also influenced by the absence of the breadwinner due to having bad time management. Let’s face it, if you’re an employee. Then, you probably don’t have a lot of time to spend with your family. Your boss will always have something he needs you to do. You will always have some assignments you need to finish. And work seems to follow you everywhere, even at home. 

So, to answer my last question. Can you really achieve all of those 4 core values? Not if you’re an employee. Or someone who works a morning to the afternoon shift. You will probably be able to achieve at least 2 of them, but not all. However, there is another path. The only way you can achieve those 4 core values. Is by being your own boss. Either by self-employment or by learning how to be an entrepreneur!

What are The Benefits of Becoming an Entrepreneur?

Becoming an entrepreneur is like becoming a blessing to the world. In the process of becoming wealthy, you help other people along the way. But, to demonstrate it more visually. Please let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was an employee named Tyler. His first salary was not larger than P800 a month. As the years went by it continued to grow from P1000 to P3000 to P8000 to P20,000…

how to be an entrepreneur

It kept growing and growing, he was happy. But, for some reason, it was never enough! It was crazy, don’t get me wrong. His basic salary was enough for his basic need. He ate three times a day, had clothes to wear, and was able to pay for his water and electricity bills. He was happy. Until he had a family. Only then did he became very happy! They lived an ordinary life, but somehow Tyler still felt pain inside. Like something was wrong. From time to time, work became more and more demanding and time-consuming. He lost a large portion of time that he could have spent with his family.

Not to mention the Philippines’ economy began to demand more from its settlers. So every month Tyler pushes himself to the limit in order to make ends meet. One day, he woke up. A powerful thought came to his mind: “I will never be like this again, it’s time to change I’m changing the course of our life”

Since that very day, Tyler has decided to be his own boss and learned everything there is to know about how to be an entrepreneur. A Profession of freedom. You control your work, you control your salary, and most importantly you control your time.

The Path To Entrepreneurship

Although Tyler’s salary – was growing each year – was fixed by the organization he worked for. It did not matter. Even if he was the founder and created the organization. Still, it won’t matter. Why? Because his salary was determined by the board of directors, they will be the ones who decide how much Tyler earns.

But, if Tyler made his way into the business world and acquired great productive businesses, then he could determine his own salary. Which meant that he could give himself a raise every time he wanted to. Be his own boss as I liked to say. So little by little, the tiny ideas in Tyler’s mind fused together and formed into a large sphere, which I liked to call, The Goal.

So he started his own business. After a few months, it crashed. Taking his little savings with it. Everything vanished – including his excitement. But, for some reason, he got the excitement back in his system. So he started his second business, it flopped too. But, it didn’t matter to him so again, he started a third one, and a fourth one, and a fifth one….

how to be an entrepreneur

All in all, he failed in nine businesses. He lost a lot of money and time. But, he did gain so much wisdom and experience. By the time he started his tenth business, it flourished like a fountain of untapped riches. Why? He never gave up, sure he failed a couple of times. But, he used those failures as a guide and preparation for the blessings that was about to come. He never lost sight of what was important, he never abandoned his dream. Always remember: Be unflinching with your goal, but be flexible with your path.

What do I mean? It’s simple. Once you have a goal, hold on to it. Love it, turn it into your passion and never let it go. Even if you encounter a challenge or a roadblock, take a detour. But, always stay at your destination. Learning hot to be an entrepreneur is no easy job. That’s why there are thousands of people who avoid entrepreneurship because it’s “hard”. But, once you have experienced the true nature of entrepreneurship, you’ll find it very fulfilling and rewarding.

What are the Non-Financial Benefits Of Becoming An Entrepreneur

Why entrepreneurship the best? I’m biased. I love entrepreneurship! Becoming an entrepreneur means living on your own terms. You get to decide everything, from your income to your expenses. But, the non-financial benefits are much, much more than the financial benefits.

Why? Well, for starters you get to spend more time with your family. Who wouldn’t want that? You get to develop a more loving relationship with your kids and your partner. No longer will they feel unloved. Most of the time, kids, mainly teenagers develop a stubborn attitude because they felt unloved in their earlier years. But, as an entrepreneur who has total control over his/her time. You can prevent that from happening to your kids. And guide them on the path to success.

Another reason why you should become an entrepreneur is Vacations! Did you know that on a yearly basis, entrepreneurs take 7-8 family vacations. Those are just estimated numbers, but, Wow. Most employees can only dream of doing this after they retire. But, entrepreneurs enjoy this in their free time! So, don’t waste any more time! Learn how to be an entrepreneur today and become your own boss.

Why Do You Need To Earn More?

“Earn as much as you can, Love as much as you can”

That’s a phrase that I would like you to always remember. It’s a reminder that our wealth isn’t just for our selfish desires, but also for helping other people. It might be your family, your friends or even the less fortunate people. Real wealth resides within us when we serve other people. When we think of other people instead only of ourselves. Only then can we become truly rich.

Another main reason why you need to earn more, other than giving your family the life they deserve. Is so that you can grow moreEspecially in your character. For people who are close-minded and are anti-money, this reason is absurd. They will never understand the message I want you to absorb. Let me tell you another hard truth. Money isn’t evil. People are.

how to be an entrepreneur

Money only becomes evil if it influences you to do bad things for the sake of acquiring money. But, for me, the ultimate goal of becoming rich is so that I can help more. So that I can bless more people who are less fortunate than I am. Money doesn’t bring anything new to the table, by itself, doesn’t make you gracious or greedy, honest or dishonest, loyal or disloyal. Nor does it make you happy or unhappy.

Money reveals your true character – or the lack thereof. I want to challenge you to earn more money – by becoming an entrepreneur. Not because of the money itself, but for your growth and the people that you can help in the future. If you really want to learn how to be an entrepreneur, then, you must first reconstruct your mindset about money.

So let’s recap. There are two reasons why you need to earn more. Two important factors that shape a person.

1. Grow Your Spiritual Connection

Remember the unrelenting rule of the universe,  I discussed in my previous article? Give and you shall receive. When you give love, you receive love, when you give hate you receive hate. Whatever you give to the universe, you will receive it multiplied. But, giving isn’t for the sake of receiving a material reward. But, receiving a spiritual reward. Sure, material things will follow, for they are blessings. But, the main reason why you should give is to grow spiritually. For only when you are spiritually prepared, only then will the blessings come your way.

2.  Grow In Yourself

A good man doesn’t only give a financial inheritance to his kids. A good man also gives spiritual inheritance. He shapes their character and trains their capacity for earning money. In that way, their children will be able to preserve and even multiply the financial inheritance he gives them.

But a sinner who only gives financial inheritance (and nothing else) to his children will be sealing their own destruction. Money only magnifies what is already there. So it will magnify their low character and low capacities, and they will lose all their wealth. Thus, their money will be transferred to those who are spiritually ready and are people of high character. If you want to become an amazing person if you really want to know how to be an entrepreneur. The secret is doing it for growth and passion.

Let this be your push, let this be your guide in your journey to financial freedom. Become an entrepreneur. Earn more and bless the world with your new found wealth. But, before you do all of that, make sure you are spiritually ready. For the blessing only comes to those who are prepared.

How To Be an Entrepreneur and Make Millions Every day?

how to be an entrepreneur

Okay, now we get to the fun part. How can you become the entrepreneur that you wish to be? I’m going to give you a complete 10 step-by-step guide about the things that you will need for your entrepreneurial journey.

1. Love what you do

  • Before you learn how to be an entrepreneur, you must first find your passion. What makes your heart sing? What drives you every day to get up and work? You have to find what you love to do the most, something that you enjoy doing even without getting paid to do it. Because that is the secret of the most successful businesses in the world. They do business because they love it, not because of the money. The money is only the byproduct of their passion.

2. Take baby steps

  • Every good business started out with a simple idea. And every great empire was built with one day at a time. So, don’t get frustrated if you don’t get quick results. Becoming an entrepreneur requires patience and consistency. It’s better to take small steps and fail small. Than taking massive, but unpredictable steps and failing big.

3. Learn how to promote yourself

  • Having a good idea and marketing it in the world is better than having the best product, but keeping it in your drawer. In business and entrepreneurship, marketing plays a huge role in your success. People won’t buy what they don’t know, regardless of how good your product is. If you won’t advertise your product and yourself, you will never be known. If you want to learn how to be an entrepreneur, then you have to know how to advertise yourself and your product.

4. Learn from other people

  • A lot of people have big egos. And instead of learning from other people they choose to keep themselves closed and fail on the way. What they don’t understand is that you need a team to make a business successful. You can start your business alone, but if you want to make it grow, you will need other people’s help. Not only their manpower but also the advice that they can give that might help the business. So, before you start your business, leave your ego at the door.

5. Always have a plan

  • Never, and I mean NEVER build a business without a plan. If you don’t have a plan to follow throughout your entrepreneurial journey, you will most likely fail at the very start. Knowing what you want to achieve and what you want to do is vital in knowing how to be an entrepreneur. You have to know the end game, you have to have the end in mind. I’m pretty sure you will encounter challenges along the way, that’s why it’s important to have a plan. So, you can easily get through it.

6. Take consistent actions

  • Before starting your journey as an entrepreneur. It’s important to program your mind to give 120% every day. In today’s economy, if you become stagnant, society will drag you down faster than you can get up. That’s why it’s always important to give your best efforts every time and don’t let a day pass knowing that you still have your best work inside you, but you have the courage to give it.

7. Remove the “too late” mindset

  • It’s never too late to learn how to be an entrepreneur. You can be as old as 80 years old or as young as 17 years old and you’ll still make an impact in the world of entrepreneurship! When Col. Sanders founded KFC he was already older than many CEOs out there, but still, KFC became a worldwide phenomenon and made a huge impact in the food industry. What matters most is that you started. Instead of sitting on the couch all that watching TV. You made a step that will forever change your life.

8. Build your reputation

  • More people will buy and use your services if you are reputable and trusted. You need to make a lasting impression to the people, that shows that you are trustworthy. That their money will be well spent on the services that you provide. If you truly want to become a successful entrepreneur, then I suggest you build your reputation.

9. Shape your attitude

  • Attitude plays a big part in learning how to be an entrepreneur. As it will affect your business, your services, your employees, your customers and your entire life. Attitude is the building blocks of becoming a great and inspiring entrepreneur. Why? Employees will be more motivated if they see you as an inspiring leader. Customers will most likely come back to you if you are very accommodating, and your business will surely bloom if you are a man/woman full of positivity.

10. Build your dream team

  • You can win a battle alone, but you can never win a war without an army. Every last one of the most successful businesses out there was made possible because of the efforts of hundreds of great teams. Facebook has teams, Apple Inc. have teams, Microsoft have teams, every single one has a team. It’s literally impossible to make a successful business without the support of great people. So, if you think that you can survive alone on the road of entrepreneurship, you are so wrong!


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