How I Turned My Worst Nightmare Into My Instrument For Success

Most entrepreneurs started their journey with passion. However, I started mine, with fear. Ever since I was a little boy, I have always been terrified of the creepy crawlies. Reptiles, spiders, centipedes, scorpions and all the like. To me they all look the same – Monsters. There was even this one time where I bought tiny spiders hoping to somehow relieve me of my fear. But, that wasn’t the case. Instead of helping me cope up with it, It made me even more scared of it. This is the instrument for success.

Years passed and I was able to slightly get over my fear. Probably because of maturity, knowing that they can’t hurt me because I’m much more bigger and stronger than them. So, I started to purchase tarantulas! (Tell me about big steps) At the first month, it was just a spider on the glass cage. Then months have passed and I’ve finally built the courage to hold it for the very first time.

It was like a sudden breeze of comfort. Out of nowhere, the fear went away. I finally understood that; unless I hurt them or they feel threatened; They won’t hurt be back. And just like that my fear was gone. So, I started making it a hobby. Buying tarantulas of several breeds and classes. And soon after, I decided to take on reptiles. At first I was a little skeptical if that was the right move. But, in the end, I ended up loving them. They became a part of who I am today, and most importantly they became the instrument of my success.

How I Earned From My Fear

During the first years of my hobby, I wasn’t earning a single cent. All of it was for my personal joy and contempt. But, when I started breeding them. That’s the time it became a problem. You see, a single tarantula egg sack has hundreds of slings (Babies) if they are properly cared for. So, you can only imagine how much space that would take up in my home. Not to mention I never breed only one species, usually I have 5-6 breeding projects which will amount to thousands of slings. This is the instrument for success.

This is the instrument for success.

A single tarantula sling would regularly cost for about PHP 350-500  depending on the species. Some of my projects even cost PHP 1000-2000 per sling, because of it’s rare breed. But, that wasn’t my trump card. You see, I also breed reptiles. Which are much more in demand and profitable. A leopard gecko hatchling (Baby) would amount to PHP2500-4000. Not only that, I also breed bearded dragons which costs about PHP 5000-10,000 per hatchling. This is the instrument for success.

Over the course of my hobby, I realized that I won’t be able to care for all of the off springs. So, I decided to sell them online. I would usually get clients from my posts on buy and sell groups on Facebook, and recommendations by my friends. Soon after I created my own Facebook page –  XoticMarket (currently deactivated) To help boost my sales. And wonder of all wonders, it did. I got bombarded with orders all across the Philippines. In just a year, I gained over PHP 550,000 Gross profit!

This is the instrument for success.

To some people, this may only be a small amount. But, for me it’s a lot. What did I do with the money? I invested it. I do what I preach. So, I invested it in mutual funds and the stock market; One big step for my retirement as I liked to say. Currently, I’ve stopped selling exotics. It’s been great, but that wasn’t what I would want to do for the rest of my life. I am now busy with my true passion: Public speaking. Besides, the market for exotics are on a long time low. With the rapid increase of supply (Species), the demand decreased.

Lessons I’ve learned On My Journey

This is the instrument for success.

1. Fear can be both a blessing and a curse

Fears are only false evidence appearing to be real. If you want to get over it, then you have to do what you fear the most. There’s no way around it. The only way you can get over it is by having faith in God and in yourself, that no matter what happens you will always prevail against it. And maybe, just maybe. By eliminating your fear, you could find something great hiding within it. Like how i did. Like what I did. instrument for success is it?

2. Being resourceful will give you amazing rewards

When I started collecting tarantulas and  reptiles, I didn’t expect to use it for profit. It was all only for my enjoyment. But, as things get tangled up and i’m faced with thousands of off springs. I became resourceful, I sold them and made a living. Who knew that I would make so much profit from creepy crawlies. This is the instrument for success.

3. Passion is the real deal

Sure, before it became my passion, it was my fear. But, passion can come from anyone and anything. Passion is simply the thing that drives you up everyday, what motivates you is the thing that we call passion. And honestly, it doesn’t matter where you get it, if you’re driven about something, if you are willing to do work even  though you won’t be earning a cent, then you’re passionate about something. And by using that, you will multiply your blessings. This is the instrument for success.

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