Let Go or Let It Be? There is Always A Higher Calling

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens ” 

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Whenever I doubt myself, whenever feel scared about change. This verse always subconsciously appears in my mind. Like it was strategically placed in my head to counter my fear of big change, by who? – By God. Let go friend.

A few years ago, a best friend, a loyal companion and an irreplaceable buddy left me. He had no choice, God took him away to early. But, I knew he was in a much better place, I knew that there was a reason why he left.

I could still remember how excited he would act when I got home from a long trip, wagging his tail and jumping up and down like a mad animal. Yes, he was a dog. But, he was also my best friend.

For year he was the only true friend I had, whenever I got sick, he was there just sitting beside me like a guard dog. He didn’t do much , of course he was a dog what could have he possibly done. But, his presence was enough to make me feel better.

That’s why when he left me, It left a hole in my heart. I spent so many sleepless nights thinking he was still with me. Sometimes,  I would even act that he never left and still continue our daily routine “together”. But, I knew, sooner or later I had to move on. 

I had two choices (1) forget him (2) accept that he’s gone. There was nothing in between. To some people it might seem that I was overreacting. But, they don’t know how painful it was for me. To some, it was only a dog. To me, he was my brother. So, I choose the best way to cope up with it. I accepted that he was gone, there’s no way that he will ever return and that he was already in a much better place.

Why I Choose To Let Go And Not Let It be?

It might sound similar but it’s not. Letting go is accepting your loss, knowing that your life would never be the same. But, despite that, you still believe that greater things will come. Letting it be is simply ignoring the fact. You’re not doing anyone a favor, much less yourself. When you choose to ignore something, one thing is always inevitable –  It will come back and haunt you.

You may ignore the problems and challenges that you’re currently facing in life. But, it will never disappear. You are only delaying it, one way or another it will come back to bite you when you least expect it. The only way to escape your problems is to face it. 

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When I choose to face the fact that my best friend was gone. I felt the presence of God, he knew what I was going through. And I instantly felt his warm love, In that moment I knew it was okay to let go. My best friend had a higher calling, and so did I. I still remember him, I still have his picture in my wallet. But, I never regret his death. For it was his calling, and someday I know we will meet again.

Letting him go didn’t only bring clarity to my life and purpose. But, it also made me stronger. When you choose to be mature and understanding, when you choose to let go of people, of things, of heartbreaks and sorrow. You become stronger, both emotionally and spiritually.

Why? Because facing and accepting change makes us stronger. If there’s one constant thing in this world – Its change. No matter how much you try to avoid it, change will always be there. Either negative or positive, it’s inevitable. But, what matters is how you face it. 

You Are Strong And You Know it

Change is everywhere. But, you can face it. Everybody can, with the help of God. I know sometimes we get overwhelmed with the challenges that we face in our daily life. But, it’s unavoidable. There will always be challenges, trials and problems. It’s a part of our journey in life. But, no matter how big it is, no matter how scary it might look. God is always beside us, every step of the way.

So, I urge you. Change! Let go! If you’re currently in a huge challenge right now, face it, trust God and after it just let it go. Once, you’ve let the problem stay in your life, it will be much harder to get rid of it. Maybe you’re in a toxic relationship right now, or you’ve recently lost a loved one or maybe you’re experiencing so many trials in life that you feel like you’re drowning in pain.

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There’s only one way to get out of it all. Through God! He will strengthen you and will help you get over all your problems. When you have learned to let go, I guarantee your life will be a lot better. Let go of pride, let go of envy, let go of every negative feelings that you have. Only then can you find true peace, only then can you live your life to the fullest. You see, letting go isn’t only about letting go of things that you’ve experienced in your life, but, also the things that are already in your life.

Letting go is loving yourself. Scraping away every bit of negativity in your life and living it like how God wants you to live it. God made us perfect, exactly like his image. We were only corrupted because we let it manifest in our lives, but, we can erase it if we want it. You can live the life you want, but, you cannot “live” it if you’re surrounded with negativity. So, let go!

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