5 Reasons Why Only You Can Control The Outcome Of Your Life

I can’t remember a day where I haven’t heard people blaming other people about how they ruined their lives. They put the blame on others. So, that they can feel better than themselves so that they can feel more confident and secure that they haven’t done anything wrong. And that ideology is complete garbage, sorry for the term. But, No one can blame another person for the outcome of his life. You can control the outcome of your life

You can’t blame the government, you can’t blame your parents, you can’t blame the natural order of things or as other people call it, the universe. Because you are the only person who has the power to shape your life, If right now, you programmed your mind to accomplish the tasks you want to finish, I guarantee, within a year or less, you could achieve it!

control the outcome of your life

The problem? Most people tend to blame their misfortunes, and let luck handle their dreams. They don’t want to grab the opportunity because they are afraid of failure, they are afraid of looking bad in front of other people. So, instead of chasing their dreams, the settle for lesser things in life, they settle for mediocre, or sometimes, even less than mediocre. They settle for other people’s leftovers. (Not food)

The only solution for things like this is to stand up and face it like the confident and independent human being you are truly destined to be. How? Well, before you stand up for what you believe in, you must first know what you should believe in.

1. God Provides The Blessings, But, Only To Those Who Work

God is a generous giver. He will give you loads of blessings, an abundance of opportunities and numerous amounts of chances to change your life for the better. But, if you won’t take the first step and grab what’s already in front of you, nothing will happen. You will always live a mediocre life. You cannot expect anything to change if you won’t be the one who changes it.

I get it, most people want a hassle-free, easy way to success. They want the quick- get rich scheme, something that they don’t have to work hard for. And I don’t blame them, I mean who doesn’t want that? I certainly do too. But, that’s the reason why many people in this world live their lives bent and broke because they keep on waiting for change, they keep on hoping that one day they will receive their “lucky big break“.

But, it won’t come. You cannot expect God to bless you with the salary of a CEO, while you only give the effort of a lazy retail worker. The same way you cannot wish for an A+ in your exam when you only studied for a C. God provides the blessings, but, only to those who are dedicated enough to sacrifice their time, their effort and their sweat just to accomplish their dreams. You alone can control the outcome of your life

2. The Government Cannot Control Your Life

For years, I have never not heard of people blaming the government for their misfortunes. It’s always there, most people will blame the government for inflation, the economy, the low employment rate and so on. But, most importantly, most people will blame the government for their lives. They seriously believed that they live mediocre lives, because the government did something to them. You can control the outcome of your life

control the outcome of your life

Although in some cases it is true, inflation rates will go up which will make services and products more expensive. There will be thousands of unemployed people because of the unruly administration. And most likely, the economy will fall, and damage the citizens who are not prepared for it at all. But, that isn’t an excuse to give up pursuing what you want. Just because life gave you a setback, it doesn’t mean that you should remain there forever.

There will always be obstructions on the road, and you will always have two options. (1) Stay there and hope it will disappear (2) go around it and never dwell back on it. You cannot control what will happen tomorrow, you cannot control what the government will do, but you can control how you will react to it. They may cause you a lot of pain, but, all of it is avoidable if you look at it the other way and believe that only person who could really change your life, change your future, change your business and relationships, is yourself.

3. Families Can Influence, But, Never Change You

In a classroom full of nursing students, there’s an 80% chance that most of them took their courses because of the influence of their families and relatives. Although, some people do want to become doctors to save other people’s lives. But, I can assure you that at least half of them did it for their parents. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but, I can’t help to wonder. “Is that what they truly want?” you do control the outcome of your life

Our families are probably the biggest influence in our daily lives. From the moment you were born, you were already engaged in their norms and habits. If you parents are alcoholics, then most likely you will manifest the same habits they have. But, again, they can influence you, but, ultimately, in the end, you have the power of choice. It all depends on what you choose. They can introduce new things to you, but, it’s up to you if you’re going to accept it or neglect it. but, you do control the outcome of your life

No one holds your life, no one can make you do what you don’t want to do. Unless you let them. In this world, there are a lot of influences, both good and bad. But, these are only factors that affect your choices, not your life. The only real thing that affects how you live, and how you will live in the future is based on what you’re going to do today. It’s based on your decisions. also, you do control the outcome of your life

4. Circumstances Are Just Circumstances

Have you ever heard anyone say that their parents are poor, so they’re also destined to be poor? or something like, they didn’t have the money to afford an education so they will remain stupid? I most certainly have. People with this kind of attitude, rarely succeed in life. Why? Because they let circumstances rule over their lives, they let it decide for them.

control the outcome of your life

Having poor parents don’t entitle you to a life of poverty. I Know thousands of people who started from scratch but after a decade or so, they became extremely privileged. They kept on pursuing their goals, despite the huge setback they have, compared to other people. It never bothered them that they started with nothing because they only had their eyes on their bright future. you know, you do control the outcome of your life

And it’s the same with the other situation above. People who cannot afford an education can still succeed in life, through hard work and determination. You know, if someone wants something bad enough, their minds will eventually create the steps to achieving their goals. It doesn’t matter how big those goals are, what matters is that you believe that you can achieve it and that no matter what happens, you will never let circumstances define you or who you are meant to be. You can control the outcome of your life

5. The Only Barrier You Have Is In Your Mind

Sure, there will always be someone or something that will keep you away from your goals. But, all of those are avoidable, you can get past them. However, If you do not believe that you can truly achieve what you want, then you will never have it. You can have the easy life, the path without any obstructions, but, if your mind isn’t set to achieve your dreams, no matter what happens, you will never accomplish anything.

Most people tend to shy away from opportunities that could have made their lives a million times better, all because of FEAR. Do you know what fear stands for? It’s False Evidences Appearing Real. There’s an absolute 99.9% that what you fear will never happen in your entire life. I know, you do control the outcome of your life

Do you fear that you will fail in pursuing your dreams and become a disgrace? Do you fear talking to other people because they might judge or criticize you? or maybe you fear failure so much, that you ended up not doing anything just for the sake of safety and certainty that nothing bad will happen to you.

Whatever your fear is, there’s only one certain thing you should do. FORGET about it. nothing good will come from it if you let it eat you inside. The only way you can shape your destiny is by breaking your fear barriers and doing the things you know you need to do.


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