4 Cheap Investment Opportunities You Can Make With Only ₱ 5,000 or Less!

I am so tired of hearing people complain that they cannot invest in anything because they don’t have enough capital to invest with. But, what they don’t get is, you can invest even without a huge capital on the line. Even a janitor – with enough patience and dedication – can earn millions by constantly investing small amounts of wealth every now and then. There are numerous cheap investment opportunities out there ranging from ₱ 5,000 or less! You just have to get up and find them, but today I’m going to give you the top 4!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student who can only save ₱ 500 -1,000 a month, eventually you’ll save up to ₱5,000 in 5 months or less. Or if you’re already working, I’m pretty sure you can spare as little as ₱5,000 for your investments. The point is, you can invest no matter what or who you are. With only ₱5,000 in capital, it could soon grow and even multiply your initial investment. The key is to start as early as possible!

It’s not the amount of money you invested with, it’s how long you have invested in, that matters. A minimum wage worker who invested early in his life with consistency has more chance of becoming a millionaire than someone who invested a one-time big-time deposit, but became inconsistent, and even inactive after a few months.

Why? Because the secret formula for an investment to become successful is time and consistency. Something, not a lot of people know. And not many of them are interested in knowing. Did you know that only 1% of our entire population here in the Philippines  invests in assets (Stocks, real estate, business and etc.)

The remaining 99% have no idea about investing and how to grow their money. That’s why we are still labeled as a 3rd world country. Because the majority of our people are still stuck with the mindset of earn and spend. When it should be earn > save > invest > spend. A lot of people want to find the greatest cheap investment opportunities, but once they do find it; they do nothing. 

The Tale Of A Clever Taho Seller

cheap investment opportunities

Now, what do you see in the picture? A person, right? A poor man who’s struggling in the game of life. Who only lives by selling cheap delicacies. Am I right? Well, that’s how most people interpret a taho seller. My story, on the other hand, is very much different.

His name is “Mon”. He regularly comes to our house because we’re frequent customers. So, a little chit chat was bound to happen. I came to know him as a friendly taho seller, but as time goes by we developed a bond and I got to know him a whole lot deeper.

He has 2 kids who are both in college. His wife died after giving birth to their 2nd child, which left him troubled and devastated. However, he didn’t let that take the better of him.  He knows that there are still 2 people in his life who are counting on him, so he worked endlessly just to make ends meet.

He didn’t graduate high school, But, he still pursued to give his kids the education that everyone deserves. And God is good, they graduated from elementary and high school with the help of their scholarship programs. As you know,  the salary of a taho seller is below average. So, raising 2 kids, plus, giving them education is a very hard challenge.

cheap investment opportunities

Then, one day. A thought popped into his head. “I can’t live like this, I can’t keep relying on my taho to give my kids the life they deserved”. He understood the harsh environment of life and the things that they will experience in the future if they continued to live like how they have been living. Even though there weren’t any cheap investment opportunities that were coming his way, it didn’t matter to him. He continued to pursue what he wanted.

So, for five years he kept a strict budget. He saved 1/4 of his earnings and kept it inside a dusty old “alkansya” (piggy bank) and only spend the other 1/4  for his materials and equipment for his job. The remaining half of his earnings, he dedicated it for the education and wellness of his kids.

Time passed and after 5 years, things were looking up for them. They are now renting an apartment (Before, they lived on the streets), his kids graduated from elementary. His savings were already 5 digits and is still increasing every month. And they are still one happy family, even without their mother.

But, that wasn’t enough for Mon. He wanted things to be better, for his kids and for their future. So, he took the time to search for the best place to “give” is money (He didn’t know the word invest) in order for it to multiply over time.

One day, while he was selling taho in this subdivision. He saw a little guy sitting in the gutters, crying his eyes out. Out of compassion, he approached him, and lend him a cup of taho. Then, the kid stopped crying and quickly went inside their house. And as mon was about to leave, someone opened the gate of the house behind him and approached him.

It was the father of the kid, he said “Thank you, for calming my son, we had an argument and he just ran off outside, then not long after that he hugged me holding a cup of your taho, I guess you gave him peace in his mind, he finally said sorry to me after he got home”.

Then, the man gave mon a ₱100 bill. “For you help”, he said. But, mon refused to take it, he didn’t give the boy, his taho because he wanted him to pay for it, he gave it to help him, he gave it because he felt like he needed it.

Knowing that mon wasn’t going to take the money, the man just invited him inside his house for coffee. He agreed. So, as time goes by, they talked about a lot of things and mon shared his life story. Later, mon found out that the guy was actually a financial planner, and a darn good one.

cheap investment opportunities

And this guy was really inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication of mon that he decided to help him invest his savings in the best possible way in order for mon to multiply his money. 

He even taught mon about proper money management and basic financial education to help him stay on track. And the best part about it is that he helped mon have access to cheap investment opportunities that could grant him a great source of passive income in the future. Mon really stumbled on a gold mine then and there, he never knew that one single talk could change his life forever.

Years after that conversation, we met. He still sells taho, but doesn’t rely on that anymore. The only reason he wanted to sell taho is to visit his friends and chat with them, especially the ones who encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Where is he now? Well, let’s just say he’s soaring in life.

He has 3 small businesses, 1 apartment rental in Cubao and has a beautiful house in Mandaluyong. Plus, his 2 kids have already graduated and are helping their father financially. And it all started with him, investing his hard-earned money in investment vehicles and making money machines.

Right now, he no longer needs to look for cheap investment opportunities. Because he can afford investment that are much better than those, investments that have a higher ROI! And you too can do that, but first you, have to invest NOW! Don’t waste your time clouding your mind with thoughts of danger and start doing action that will keep your fear at bay.

Now, why did I told you that story? Well, because I wanted to show you that it doesn’t matter whatever situation you are in right now. If you want to invest, you can! Just find the way. Okay, without further delay. Here are the 5 investments you can make today with just a little capital of ₱5,000. 

1. Stock Market

cheap investment opportunities

Most people have only bad comments when it comes to stock market investing. Why? Well, because they think it’s dangerous. Technically, it is. But, only to those who invest without knowing when and where to invest in. Most people think that you need to have a huge capital in order to invest in stocks, but it’s not like that. The stock market is one of the best places to invest your money in if you are looking for cheap investment opportunities. It is estimated that 80% of every stock market investor lost their money because of TRADING. But, that’s not why you’re here for, right? You’re here to learn how to INVEST in the stock market.

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When I first invested in the stock market, my capital was only ₱ 5,000. And ever since then, It has received numerous dividends and has maintained and ROI (Return on investment) of 12-15% annually! How did I achieve that? Well, with the help of my mentors of course. I am also a part of the Truly Rich Club – A club founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez, which focuses on self-development, financial literacy, and regular stock market recommendations.

Since you’re probably new to the stock market. I highly recommend that you study first, everything that there is to know about the Philippines stock exchange before you invest your hard earned money in it. But, if you really want to invest and you have prior knowledge about the stock market, then I recommend COL Financial as your broker. Not, only is it the most reliable broker in the Philippines. It is also used by the wealthiest people in the Philippines.

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The minimum deposit for opening an account at COL Financial is only ₱ 5,000 for a COL Starter account. So, like I’ve said before. You don’t need a huge capital to be able to start investing right now. If you’re waiting for a sign to see if this is one of the best and cheap investment opportunities, then this is the sign.


2.  Self-Improvement

Money is just a symbol, it’s not a value. So, if you don’t work on your values, you will never become a wealth magnet. Getting money should be the least of your priority, you should learn to pay yourself first. Go to seminars, attend webinars, apply for courses and learn as much as you can! Because YOU are the one who’s going to attract wealth in your life, and if you don’t know how to attract the blessing. You will wait for your entire life for nothing.

PS: Don’t know where to find seminars? Check out these sites! Learning Curve and WhatsHappening.

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Fees for seminars and courses vary depending on the speakers, venue, and topic. Some are free (Which are great!) Some are only ₱ 500 – 1,000 and are really worth the money. I once attended a seminar of Chinkee tan; speak and grow rich. The admission cost about ₱ 5,040 per person for a one whole day workshop. And I’m happy to say, it was all worth it! I gained so much new found knowledge in that workshop and I was able to use it to enhance my lifestyle. I can absolutely say that this is the cheapest investment you can make if you are looking for cheap investment opportunities.

cheap investment opportunities

A lot of people will tell you that “it’s a waste of money” or “you don’t need that seminar” and they will continue to put you down because they don’t want to “waste” their money on “useless” seminars. And now they’re trying to infect you with their disease. What disease? The free lunch attitude. But, we need the pain of paying. Besides, that  ₱ 5,040 today. Will much more likely give you a million in the years to come.

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3. Small Time Business

cheap investment opportunities

When most people are asked to start a business the first thing that comes to their mind is that they have to have a big source of capital. Because when you mention a business, I’m sure a lot of people will think of Jolibee, Mang Inasal, KFC and etc. Because that’s basically the general idea of a business.  But, there are also a lot of small businesses that can produce quite a handsome amount of profits. Without investing too much capital in it.

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You can start as early as today with only ₱ 5,000 or less! How? Well, first you have to decide what type of business you want to get into. Do you want to give services? Products? Expertise? Leisure? Food? You name it! If you’re wondering if this is one of the best cheap investment opportunities out there, then you better stop wondering because it is!

The most important part is you have the passion to pursue up until the end.(Or not, if you only want it as a sideline) So, the big question. How? If you choose the food category, then you can rent a space/stall at a local food expo and malls.  It usually costs about ₱ 2,000 – 3,000. But, it’s much cheaper if you apply on campuses. 

Then, use the remaining money to buy the materials. And produce your products. Read this article and get some tips from it! This is a great example of how you leverage cheap investment opportunities with little capital. (Read: Tiny Cupcakes @ U-beltBut, regardless of how much capital you have, none of it will matter if you don’t know the basics of starting a small business. So, to help you jump-start your entrepreneurial journey. Take a look at this guide:

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4. Insurance 

cheap investment opportunities

Believe it or not, most people don’t even consider getting insurance. Even incredibly successful people! They don’t consider this as one of the cheap investment opportunities out there. Why? Because most of them believed that getting insurance is a sign that they don’t have faith in God. But, it’s not. God will save you, but, make it a point to also save yourself.

Believing in that ideology is like having faith that you won’t get burned even though you put your hands in the fire. It’s absurd! Listen, I’m not telling you to lose faith in God, what I’m trying to explain is; you have to protect yourself. Don’t put everything in God’s hand because he wants you to be responsible for your own life.

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“But, insurance is expensive”. NO! You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to be insured. There are many financial security plans that are being offered by the top insurance companies in the Philippines like Sun life financial, Manu life, Insular life and etc. The best part about them is they’re not that expensive! For only ₱ 20,000 annually you can avail a MyMaxicare silver plan at Maxicare.

That’s only ₱ 5,000 every 3 months! Aside from being secured, and having an investment, you also benefit from loads of perks like emergency care, annual check-up and preventive care benefits. But, if this is out of your budget. This is without a doubt one of the great and cheap investment opportunities that people can leverage in order to become wealthy. Although, there are still other insurances out there that are cheaper than this and still give you loads of benefits and perks.

Do you have any suggestions about what else you can do with ₱ 5,000?  Or maybe you have an idea of other cheap investment opportunities that could help other people? Feel free to comment it below!

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