10 Best Kept Secrets of Successful People on How to Reach Your Goals

How to reach your goals? The straight and on-point way! But, first let me tell a story.

“What’s your excuse?” 

A question that my mom and dad would usually ask me back then, after seeing my friends gain medals while I don’t. And I would tell them:

“Mom, I’m not as smart As them, I can’t compete with them because they’re on another level” 

And unsatisfied with my answer, my mom would usually pinch me in the nose and tell me:

“You don’t have to compete with them, you have to compete with yourself”

And she was right. There was no excuse for why I didn’t become an outstanding student. A lot of students did it. So, there was no reason why I can’t do it too! Back then, I thought that it was because I wasn’t as intellectual as they were. But, really it was because I lacked faith in myself, I lacked the hunger to strive for something better. And instead of doing something about it, I only ended up making excuses as to why I failed. And when you start to make more excuses and stop doing actions. Failure is surely right around the corner. I Believe that knowing what you want, despite the fact of how difficult it is to accomplish, is the first thing you should know in order to find out how to reach your goals.

It’s not what you cannot do that matters. It’s the will to keep on going, the will to keep on doing what you have to do even though you feel like giving up. When you hit your lowest point you only have two choices (1) Keep pushing through and hit your breaking point (2) Make excuses and never know how to reach your goals. Unfortunately, only one of those decisions will lead you to the path of success. And I’m pretty sure you know that it’s not number 2.

The tale of a gutsy man

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He was different from everybody else. Like a stranger in a party full of close friends. Why?Because even at an early age, he was avoided and rejected by most people around him. At age 6 he was intensely bullied because of his unsightly appearance and was cast aside as a stranger from everyone else. He didn’t have any friends, he didn’t know what he wanted to do in life, he was always alone and avoided. And it never changed, every day he was bombarded with brutal insults. And he always questioned  god – “why am I so different? Why am I born this way?” And for years, he just felt alone, useless and secluded from the “normal” people.

So, at age 10 after several years of being bullied and teased, he finally had enough of it, and decided that he doesn’t want to live anymore. So, He tried to commit suicide in his family bathtub, he poured 6 inches of water inside and lay there hoping to kill himself.

But, by the grace of God. As he was waiting for his death. A vision came to his mind; a scenario where his mom and dad were crying on his grave and he knew how much sorrow and pain he will have to leave behind if he continued with his plan. So, he got up. He went on with his life, he fought depression with the help of his parents and a few trusted friends. And a big question popped on his head and he asked himself internally: “How to reach your goals?”

And at age 15, He gave his life to Jesus and God answered his prayers. His life changed when he read John chapter 9. The story of how Jesus healed a man who was born blind. In that passage, people asked Jesus,”why this man was born blind” Jesus told the people thatso that the works of God might be displayed in him”.

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And it hit, him, maybe that was the reason why he was like that, because God has a better mission and he was the only instrument that God can use. It wasn’t a curse. It wasn’t a punishment. It was a “gift”.  A responsibility to become different in order to shoulder the purpose the God has given him. And right now, some of you might be wondering.

“Why was he so different” 

“Many people are being bullied and has suffered depression, so why is this man so special?”

Well, it’s because he looks like this:

Image result for nick vujicic

This man is Nick Vujicic – a man of many trades. He may have stumbled many times in life, but he got up, he didn’t complain about how he was born, he didn’t make excuses about how he was at a disadvantage among other people. He prayed to God every night, thanking him for the blessing the he has received and is able to share with others.

24 years ago, he wanted to kill himself. Now look at where he is right now. He is unstoppable, for a man who doesn’t have arms and legs, he is more successful than those who have them. He goes to different countries as a motivational speaker, he has written 6 great self-help books that are distributed globally. So, before you stop believing in your abilities and gifts. Always remember that there is a man without limbs that has achieved incredible feats, but, not only that because. He is also an amazing father of 2, a great husband to his wife and is also an inspiring servant of God. 

He has blessed the world in ways that he couldn’t even imagine that he would accomplish back then.  And he didn’t accomplished all of that by complaining about his circumstances or by blaming other people for his misfortunes. He achieved all of his goals because of 2 things; Faith in God and Never Making Excuses. Right about now, why don’t you ask yourself what do you really want, instead of asking people “how to reach your goals”. Why? Because there isn’t a fool-proof way of becoming successful. You have to do it your own way. “he” did. He conquered every challenges he faced, and now he is harvesting what he planted.

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And yes, he can swim. Actually, he is a really good swimmer considering the fact that the only thing he can use in order to swim is his body. Without any support, without any guide. He conquered the waters of the sea and the barriers of his mind. He has proven time and time again, that everything is possible if you put your mind in it and stop making excuses.

What’s Your Excuse?

If this man can do all of those wonderful things, despite the fact that he is only half of a man. Then, why couldn’t you do the things that you know you have to do? Why couldn’t you solve that family drama? Why couldn’t you forgive the one’s who did you wrong? Why couldn’t you sign that business deal? Why couldn’t you ask for that promotion? Why couldn’t you follow your dreams? And why are you still asking how to reach your goals?

The problem with today’s society is that most people love to blame, they love to make excuses because it’s a whole lot easier than taking action. When you forget something, you blame it to someone, when you make a mistake you make incredibly stupid excuses. Why? Because we don’t like to admit we’re wrong, we don’t like to be seen as a failure. So, instead of taking responsibilities for our mistakes and decisions, most people will lie and make excuses. And that’s the one of the main reasons why they don’t succeed in life. 


Sure, it’s easier to blame the other guy. But, guess what – you’re denying yourself of growth. A successful and independent person will never blame other people or make excuses because they know how life works. They know you can’t just ask a random person about how to reach your goals, then boom! You’re successful. You have to work for it, you have to stop blaming everything to everyone.

How? Well, the first thing you have to remember is: “Nothing happens to you, it happens because of you”. You can always turn the tides, if you get setbacks, it’s because of something you did, if you encounter road blocks, it’s because of the decisions you made. So, when you receive an abundance of blessing, it’s because you took responsibility for the outcome of your life. You made that happen. It’s not luck, it’s your hard work and dedication

So, it doesn’t matter what you look like, how you we’re raised or even how you live right now. What matters is who you are and what you do, you can always be a blessing to yourself and to other people. The only real barrier most people have in their lives are the limiting beliefs that they have enforced on their minds. Everything can change, with the right attitude and with massive action – you can do almost anything. So, Stop asking yourself “How to reach your goals?” And start doing! You can change your life, your relationships, your business, your finance. You can change everything if you just stop making excuses.

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Why do many people quit and make excuses?

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People quit because of one thing, Fear! They fear failure, they fear being judged, they fear being embarrassed in front of other people, they fear what most people think about them, they fear that they still don’t know what to do with their lives, so, they ask themselves “how to reach your goals”. But, still nothing happens and the list goes on. Few people overcome it, but majority succumb to it. But, one of the biggest mistakes every person makes is underestimating the work they need to do in order to become successful. Most people think that having a great idea is all they need in order to create a billion dollar business, but what they don’t know is that “results are merely the reward for the sacrifices that successful people give”.

If you’re not willing to sacrifice your time, your energy, your effort and your money. Then, don’t expect to become what you want. The problem with most people is that they only see results, so they assume that becoming successful or having a successful business is as easy as walking a dog. But, it’s not! You have to be willing to sacrifice many things, accept disappointments, get used to failure,  have discipline and dedication, always give your 100% hard work and become the most persistent person you can be! You can’t expect to know the secret just by asking a successful person how to reach your goals. The secret to achieving success is giving your 100% all the time.

Nowadays, instead of working hard and pursuing their dreams, most people would actually let “destiny” decide their life. They play the lottery hoping to win and they gamble their money expecting to double it. Instead of taking control of their lives, they prefer to make excuses about how their families ruin their lives or how it’s the corrupt governments fault that they are poor. Or sometimes, they even blame God for what they have become. But, that’s complete garbage! (Sorry for the term) 

You are the only one who is capable of shaping your life! I’ve been saying this a lot. But, I know that if I only said it once, most of you will not retain it in your minds. Why? I’m not belittling anyone. But, the most effective way of learning and internalizing something is by re-learning it over and over again until it becomes a part of you. Stop asking yourself or other people “how to reach your goals”, and start asking this question!

so, let’s pop up the big question:

How to stop making up excuses?

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But, before I discuss the cure for excuses. Let me first tell you the horrible effects that excuses can do to you. These are the things that can psychologically and emotionally program your mind to become unsuccessful by giving you limiting beliefs and mental walls.

  • Horrible judgement
  • Mental barriers that restrict creativity and action
  • Holding you down in your comfort zone
  • Continuous pessimistic outlook in life
  • Major disappointment
  • Paranoia and regret
  • Restricts growth

These things will not only slow you down. . The best way to get rid of them is to stop making excuses. And it’s actually much easier than you think.

But, it does bear the question. What are the excuses people usually make that always end up eating them further down the line?

Excuse #1: I’m too young or too old

There is no perfect age for growth and making decisions. You can be 75 years old and you’ll still have many years ahead of you. So, why not decide on making it the best years of your life! And just because you are young doesn’t mean that you are clueless and naive. There are hundreds of successful people much younger than you and I.

There are 19 year old CEOs and 21 year old billionaires out there. Age is just a useless number, it does not define who you are and what you are capable of. So, stop making an excuse that you are too young or too old for change. If you really want to know how to reach your goals, then, you could start by learning not to give up because you’re too “young” or “old”.

Excuse #2: This is not the right time

Most people wait for the “perfect” time. But, realistically, there is no perfect time. You can wait your whole life – Hoping to find your lucky break, and you’ll only be disappointed. Every successful person knows that there is no right time.

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Why? As I’ve said before, you are the only one who can shape your future. Therefore, you are the only one who can make the anytime, the “right time”. There is no destiny, no fate, no outside force that could give you the perfect moment. Because you have to create that moment! Stop blaming things that you know are not the reason why you living a mediocre life and start doing the things that you know you should do.

Excuse #3: What if I fail?

This is probably one of the main reasons why people never succeed. Because they’re afraid of failure, they are afraid failing because they think that once you fail, you lose everything. But, it’s actually the other way around. I mean, sure, you lose something. But, you also gain more things during the process. What? Experience, lessons and growth. Believe it or not, everybody will fail at least once (or even several times) in their business, in their relationships and in their life.

Why? Because failure is normal, It’s a huge part of success and it’s a vital factor of personal development. I can assure you that the most successful people on the planet have failed more times than they have succeeded. But, why are they successful? Because they failed small, but they succeed big! They learned from failure rather than avoiding it. 

Excuse #4: I don’t know how

They say that education is expensive. But, do you know what’s ten times more expensive? Ignorance. People would usually back out from something just because it’s unfamiliar to them. They don’t even think of finding a way to understand it, to them if it’s unusual – It’s a warning sign. So, in return, they give up the opportunities that could make their lives a million times better in the future.

If you’re ever in a new territory or a new field. Don’t hesitate to learn a thing or two, because you won’t know if this “new thing” could be your ticket to success or not. There is absolutely no downside in trying to learn something new. Don’t let he opportunities in your life fade away just because you have no idea how to approach them. Learn! Learn as much as you can! If you will always makes excuses on not knowing things, then you will never know how to reach your goals.

Excuse #5: I don’t have the time

Many people are busy, they wake up, go to work, go home late and wake up early again. Every day millions of people go through this cycle. But, despite that hectic schedule, some people still find the time to do other productive and rewarding things besides their work. How? It’s because they decided to maximize their life.

They know that everybody has the same 24 hours a day. And what separates the successful people from the mediocre ones is how they use those hours. So, don’t make excuses about how you cannot find the time to do something great. Because while you’re being unproductive, there are millions of people who are just like you, but are finding ways to better themselves and maximize their lives.

Excuse #6: I have no money

It’s no secret that the world runs on money. But, having lots of money doesn’t mean that you are bound to succeed. In the same way that having no money doesn’t mean that you won’t have a chance of becoming successful. It’s how you use it that defines your future. Or if you don’t have any, it’s how you use your skills in order to better yourself that matters. I know hundreds of people, investors, millionaires, even billionaires who started with absolutely nothing! And yet, they rose to the top.

It’s not about how much money you make. You can give a man a million bucks and he can spend it in a day, but, if you teach a man the skill to make money, to have a business and expand it. Then, he will have a million bucks every day! Having no money is an absolutely stupid reason as to why most people are unsuccessful. Money isn’t what makes a person succeed. It’s his character and values.

Excuse #7: There’s too much competition

You know what’s funny? No matter where you go, there will always be competitions. You will always face other people or business that has the potential to overthrow you. But, you shouldn’t take it as a sign to give up, if you give up just by being intimidated by the other team, then you’re not fit to know how to reach your goals.

Image result for track and field

Becoming successful in life takes guts! That’s why not everybody is successful, because most people chicken out the moment they feel slight danger. But, you need that thrill, you need the pressure in order to turn your fears into strengths. You need to convert that sense of doubt into something that will fuel you and motivate you to beat the hell out of those other competitors. Do you want to know how to reach your goals? Turn that intimidation into motivation!

Excuse #8: There’s no point in doing this

Do you want to know one of the saddest experience a person can feel? It’s doing your best, but realizing or thinking that nothing has changed, and nothing will ever change. It’s this mentality that takes away hope from the people. Most people give it there all, working from here to there, not losing even a bit of enthusiasm. But, midway in their journey, they felt like nothing is changing. And depressed this illusion, they quit, they give up.

But, you know, you don’t always get what you want exactly how you wanted it to get. That’s how life works, not everybody’s success is certain, but with enough persistence and patience, undoubtedly, you will get what you want! If there’s one thing certain in the journey for success, it’s that persistent action always leads to breakthroughs. Asking what yourself how to reach your goals, won’t cut it. You have to take massive but, calculated action.

Excuse #9: I don’t have an education

A lot of successful entrepreneurs, athletes, artists don’t have degrees. Some of them are even high school dropouts! Education is good, but saying that education is the only key to a better future is garbage. When I was a kid, my mom and dad we’re super strict with me when it came to my studies, because they believed that that was the only way for me to become successful one day. But, it wasn’t. There are many roads you can take to success, and they all lead to what you want, you just have to find which roads suits you best.

Having an education doesn’t necessarily give you an advantage against other people. Why? Because in the real world, school produces employees, but, who runs the schools? The businessmen, the entrepreneurs, the “drop outs”. And where did they learn to create such an institution? Maybe in seminars, maybe in experience, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how they did it. But, I do know one thing, they didn’t learn it in school. So, stop complaining, stop making excuses, if you want to know how to reach your goals, then you better take responsibility of your future.

Excuse #10: I’m afraid

Do you want to know the secret of every person who has gone through hardships, but rose back up? People who were engulfed with fear, yet somehow they found a way to erase it and become successful. Their secret is, they never lost it – fear. Even the most confident and successful people on the planet will experience fear every day, it’s human nature. Speaking on a stage with thousands of eyes pointed at you sound scary, right? Do you think Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Les Brown and many other speakers have eliminated their fear of public speaking? They haven’t, they just learn how to do what they need to do despite the doubt, fear and anxiety they feel inside.

Image result for entrepreneur fear

If you’re hoping that one day, you will never feel fear again. Then, prepare to be disappointed because everybody has fears, people who are “fearless” are simply the ones who are brave enough to approach their work without hesitation even though every inch of their body is afraid of doing so. These people know and understand that fear, doubt, and anxiety will always be there. But, we have the power to compress and hide them. How? Well, the only way you can avoid fear, is by doing what you fear the most. Sound crazy? No. By doing what you fear consistently and aggressively, you will start to notice that what you fear is actually only an illusion. As I have said before in my previous article, 98% of the time, what you fear will never happen.

If you truly want to know how to reach your goals  and become the person that you always dream of becoming. Then, check out my other articles, and comment below if you have any other questions. Did you know that one of the many traits that every successful people share is that they all love to questions things, they love the hunger for knowledge. So, be hungry!


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