How to Become A Young Entrepreneur and Be Taken Seriously

In today’s world, the demand for entrepreneurs is increasing day by day, and majority of these aspiring individuals are Millennials!

The work until you’re 50 tradition is no longer as popular as before to the young ones. People are finally figuring out that the only way for them to become financially free is by becoming an entrepreneur, and a lot of them, especially the youth are trying to figure out how to become a young entrepreneur.

With over 70% of the population being Millennials, it’s hard to ignore that even if only a quarter of them became entrepreneurs, it will truly change how we live in the world today. And I would love to see how much change these young people will bring to the world. So, if you are one of those business-minded young people, here are some advice that will surely help you in your entrepreneurial journey!


1. Give yourself permission not to know things

Listen to feedback, listen to advice. But, don’t absorb everyone’s opinions. There are good and helpful lessons that you can acquire from certain people. And there are also useless ones you can get from honest people, despite how much they want to help you – don’t you ever listen to them. I know, they mean well.

They want what’s best for you. But, what you’re looking for is the advice of someone who has gone through everything that you are about to go through. Not opinions of people who have no idea of what you actually want in life.

How to Become A Young Entrepreneur

If you want to know how to become a young entrepreneur and prosper from it. Then, you have to learn how to differentiate the two types of opinions and secluded the bad ones. If you try to take in everyone’s advice, you will get lost. Your mindset will be confused and you might lose a great portion of your time. So, be wise in accepting advice.


2. Always keep your words and deliver results

Entrepreneurship has no age requirement. But, ‘much harder for young people to be acknowledged as an entrepreneur because most people think that they don’t have enough experience, or that they still don’t have what it takes to shoulder the responsibilities of becoming an entrepreneur.

One of the ways you can prevent this distrust is to deliver 100% every time someone gives you the job. For example, A local coffee shop owner offered you a job to represent them in a fare and sell their products.

How to Become A Young Entrepreneur

Don’t just say yes, and just stand on the job. Say yes, and over deliver. Sell every merchandise if you can. This doesn’t only prove that you’re a good salesman. But, it also proves that you are reliable, responsible and true to your word.

People will hire anyone (regardless of age) who has the responsibility and the skills they want to finish the job. If you really want to know how to become a young entrepreneur and be taken seriously, then you need this. It doesn’t matter if you’re 17 years old or 35. If you have a great track record, and you have the skills needed. No doubt, people will continue to choose you over everyone else.


3. Act as if you’re 10 years older

Acting beyond your years gives you this incredible boost of urgency. It’s a great challenge to see yourself 5, 10 or even 15 years older and act like it. You see, there are thousands of young entrepreneurs out there (just like you!). They have big goals, but they lack the ability to be flexible enough and use their advantage (time) to the fullest.

You’re already too “young”, most investors, business owners, and potential clients won’t trust you and take you seriously if you don’t look mature enough to do business. knowing how to become a young entrepreneur also mean that you should understand that people hire because of two (2) things: They Trust them and they have the Skills that the company need.

How to Become A Young Entrepreneur

If you don’t have either of this things, then being taken seriously will be one of the hardest challenges you will face in the business world. It’s catastrophic for an investor to invest in a project that will ultimately be built by a 19-year-old who says that he “knows” what he’s doing. And seriously, no one in the right mind would do that. Trust me, investors can sense if you’re desperate and unsure of your business.

If you don’t want anything like that to happen to you. Then, there’s only one way: Act beyond your years!


4. Have a respectable reputation

One time last year. A friend of mine who is a freelancer by profession, suddenly had the interest to start his own business – an open-space café. So, instinctively he sought out potential investors hoping to raise the capital he needed in order to start his dream business. But, there’s a catch. The investors that he was able to persuade to attend his presentation all required to see his NBI clearance and police records, even business history.

But, he can’t produce any of those because he had bad records when he was a juvenile. In return, he never got the support he needed from investors, and he never got the chance to launch his dream business. To this day, he remains as a lifeless freelancer, hoping that one day he’ll save enough money to finally start his cafe – Which is more likely impossible.

How to Become A Young Entrepreneur

There are many people out there that ask the same question: “How to become a young entrepreneur?” Well, If you really want to become one, then I suggest you keep your reputation as clean as possible. Avoid crime, fraud, drugs, anything that could potentially destroy your career in the future. Learn the value of delayed gratification. Stay clean now, do things the right way and you’ll be incredibly successful in the future.

And this doesn’t only apply to aspiring entrepreneurs. It applies to every profession in the world, companies won’t hire you if they see that you are not trustworthy. If you have a criminal record, the best job you can get is garbage man or janitor at Mcdonalds (I’m not saying that it’s a bad job, I’m just trying to prove a point)

Whatever job, business or profession you want to end up with, one thing is certain: Reputation is vital.


5. Ask for a problem; find a solution

It’s pretty much common knowledge that in a business, you don’t become successful by building your company on the dream of becoming extremely wealthy. Rather, your business becomes successful because it was built by finding a problem and providing the necessary solution/s.

If your main objective is to make money; you will, for some time. But, as the business function over time, little by little the mission will fade, profits will decrease and the market will soon forget your business. Why? Because it wasn’t made to last. When you only think of money, and not the problem that you want your business to solve. Everything that you will create will be short-lived.

How to Become A Young Entrepreneur

The same way; if you want to know how to become a young entrepreneur and be treated seriously. You need to ask for a problem and offer a solution. Nobody will ask for your opinion on a serious matter because to them you’re still naíve. If you want to stand out, then voice out your opinion. Force them to listen to you. One of the things that most aspiring entrepreneurs lack is the bravery and initiative to speak out their words and put them into action.

Waiting for a problem to show itself is like waiting for rain in a sunny afternoon, it’s unpredictable. You have to find the problem yourself, provide the solution yourself and prove to them that you are worth their time. Otherwise, you’ll just be like any other entrepreneur out there, all talk no action.


6. Don’t just talk, support it with facts

In journalism, providing accurate and truthful news is vital in every practitioner’s career. One wrong move of delivering unverified information will most likely ruin their careers forever. Being truthful about the facts that you disclose is one of the ways you can establish that you are a credible brand. If you can’t be trusted with small things then how can you be trusted with bigger things?

I’ve encountered a lot of people who LOVES to talk. But, when you ask for proof of what they’re stating, they’ll just give you a blank stare. And in that moment, their credibility rapidly plummets down to the ground. Once you speak of things that are completely fabricated, most people will have a hard time believing if what you’re really saying is truthful or not.

How to Become A Young Entrepreneur

This is incredibly deadly if you’re looking for investors. How can they trust you with their money, if you can’t even be trusted with simple information. In the world of business, credibility is one of the most important values that every young person who wants to know how to become a young entrepreneur has to have.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t look the part. As long as you deliver legit results and always verify the information that you are disseminating, people will trust you and hire you no matter what. In today’s economy, an entrepreneur’s weapon isn’t money, it’s credibility. You can always start without wealth, but you cannot start anything good if your reputation smells like garbage.


7. Be ready to start from the bottom

Most successful entrepreneurs out there didn’t have any head start before they started out on their journey. Some of them even began by selling candies and cigarettes om the street. Wealth is never a barrier if you have the drive for entrepreneurship.

Although, there are some entrepreneurs out there that started out with everything, some of them, if not most went bankrupt just a few years after they started their businesses. A few of them didn’t even invest in businesses and yet they became broke. Why? It’s because of their core values.

How to Become A Young Entrepreneur

So, that is a solid proof that money isn’t a problem when it comes to understanding how to become a young entrepreneur. You don’t have to be the best to start, you first have to start, in order to be the best. No one starts off at the top of the mountain, every climber has to go through jagged rocks, slippery slopes, and incredibly deep heights just to reach the peak.

In a way, starting at the bottom is actually a really great preparation for the future. When you start small, you commit small mistakes. Unlike, having a huge startup which has a higher potential for catastrophic failures. It’s better to take small steps and learn along the way. Than take massive actions and risk too much.


8. Dress professionally

If you’re an employer and a potential employee came in on pajamas for an interview, would you entertain him? Of course not! Admit it or not, appearance matters. In the corporate world, no one will waste their time entertaining someone who “looks” like he just got out of his bed.

How to Become A Young Entrepreneur

If you want to be taken seriously, you have to dress like how they dress. But, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy a $500/Php25,000 Armani suit and wear a $1000/Php50,000 limited edition Rolex watch. A simple suit from the local market would suffice, as long as it doesn’t have any holes in it. All it needs is to be presentable enough to make you look professional.


9. Seek responsibility

People love someone they can count on. That’s why when business owners find a manager that handles everything they tell them with urgency and quality work, they never let them go. A good manager is one of the key factors that make a great business flourish.

Seeking responsibility is a great value to internalize to know how to become a young entrepreneur. The more errands and favors you do, the more likely you will be recognized as a trustworthy young professional. As I’ve said before, people hire for skill, not the degree.

How to Become A Young Entrepreneur

So, as long as you continue to seek problems and provide solutions. People will always come back to you for more requests and offers. A great entrepreneur knows what responsibilities he should shoulder. There are two (2) types of responsibilities: An asset or a liability.

Before you take on a challenge and be responsible for the outcome. First, make sure that the result will be good news for both you and your partner/employer. Otherwise, shouldering things that are useless, regardless of seeking responsibility, is a huge waste of time.


10. Surround yourself with mentors

If you will walk the path to success without guidance, it’s going to take you a long time to get to where you want. Take it from someone who thought he can handle the journey alone, you probably can’t. Although technically you can, it’s not advisable. ­

Instead of taking the hard path, take the smart one. Seek advice from people who have already reached your goals, who are already living the life you want to live. If you’re going to go alone, you might get there, but by then you have already wasted so much time on things that aren’t really necessary for success, all because you didn’t know.

how to become a young entrepreneur

A mentor is there for you to make sure that you don’t fall into the same traps they fell into before. Reaching out to these people is one of the most vital things you need to do if you wish to know how to become a young entrepreneur.

Having no mentor to guide you is like having no map in an amusement park. You will get to where you want to go if you’re patient enough, but you will waste a lot of time playing with other “rides” that shouldn’t even be played with, in the first place.

Do yourself a favor, don’t make the mistake that millions of young entrepreneurs make. Find yourself a mentor.


11. Avoid vices and drugs

It’s pretty obvious that if you want to become successful in any aspect of life, you have to avoid the things that will destroy it. You can drink and smoke occasionally, but when you become addicted to it, you’ll have major problems in the future.

Soon enough, you’ll have liver and lung related disease, if prolonged much longer you might even develop cancer. Now, when that does come, it doesn’t matter how successful and rich you are. Hospitalization bills will suck you dry, everything you have worked hard for will be flush down the drain.

How to Become A Young Entrepreneur

But, that’s for the long term. The reason why you need to avoid these useless things in order to know how to become a young entrepreneur is simple: You risk destroying your reputation by continuing or starting the use of drugs.

No one will want to do business with you if at an early age you’re already involved in illegal and destructive things. Saving yourself now, no matter how hard that is for you is the only way of making sure that you will succeed in the future.


12. Strive to know more than everybody else

Before starting your entrepreneurial journey (if you haven’t started yet) it’s incredibly important to ask yourself these (2) two questions: What should they trust me? What can I offer that other people who are much older than me cannot give?

If you can’t think of something then you’re going to have a hard time. But, don’t worry you do have something to offer: Knowledge.

How to Become A Young Entrepreneur

No one knows everything, and if you know something that no one else does, then you have the power of leverage. People pay A LOT for experts because they want their knowledge to be imparted to them. That’s why you NEED to know more than everybody else.

Read books, attend seminars and courses. Do the things that normal people won’t go the extra mile to do. So, you will always have an edge against others. It’s important to set yourself apart from the crowd, people always pick the best-looking flower in a bouquet full of them.


13. Make actual money

It’s great taking actions and implementing your dreams. But, you can’t just keep on doing something and not care about the results. Just as faith without work is dead, action without results is useless. You can’t go to the gym, jog a little, go home and expect to have a six pack tomorrow. You have to put ten times the effort in order to achieve the results that you want.

Just like in entrepreneurship you need results. It doesn’t matter how big you talk, if you can’t provide proof of your success, no one will take you seriously. If you want to know how to become a young entrepreneur, here’s one of the secrets: Make money.

how to become a young entrepreneur

Show people and potential investors that you’re not just all talk. In business, you can’t just have a great idea, it needs to be feasible. The business must be a profitable one, otherwise, that isn’t a business, it’s a non-profit organization. And (probably) no one will invest in it, trust me.

Remember: Intentions and actions are the keys to success. But, results are what successes are made of.


14. Be the early worm and the late owl

If you really want to know how to be taken seriously and how to become a young entrepreneur, then you have to make sacrifices. Maybe you’re a 19-year-old kid, or a 24-year-old young adult, chances are you don’t have that much to do right now. Your schedule isn’t fully packed like other people out there. So, whenever you go to seminars, to courses and conferences. Always make sure that you are the first one who gets there and the last one to leave.

You have the time, instead of wasting it partying, playing games or having a lazy day. Make the most out of it, showing up early and leaving late will not only give you a lot of experience and wisdom, it will also show to other people, especially potential investors that you are hustling out there, it doesn’t matter how old you are because, unlike most people your age, you’re doing something that will actually shape your future.

How to Become A Young Entrepreneur

I always say, keep grinding, stay competitive, always have that drive because when people see that you are serious in what you do or what you aspire to become, to them, age won’t matter anymore. It’s no longer a battle for age or experience. If you have the passion, the will and the patience, one way or another, people will start to see your worth.

Now, this isn’t just some mumbo-jumbo motivational nonsense. People can be persuaded, unlike brick walls, they have emotions, and if they can see that a certain someone is pouring out their heart just to prove to them that they are worth to invest in, they will let their guard down and decide to give that guy a chance.and when they do give you that chance, you have to make it count!

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