My Totally Honest Trendygram Review

This blog post is dedicated to the website – Trendygram. Hence, the title: My brutally honest trendygram review.

I’m your typical happy-go-lucky person and I love simple and amazing stuff. You know, things that just captures the eyes – that’s basically my whole background, someone who enjoys simple but fun things. 

I came across the website through an advertisement they ran on Facebook. It was a GIVEAWAY! Yes, so being naturally me I got attracted and went on to claim my spot. All I had to do was subscribe to their “trendyfam” that’s what they call it.

This blog is about our trendygram review

It was a very simple thing to do for a chance to win one of their best-selling products. After that, I followed their Facebook page – and it was really cool! I’m not promoting them or anything. But, as I’ve said I like simple and fun stuff and that’s exactly what they’re doing on their Facebook and Instagram profiles.

They were sharing tons of fun and lively content, they engage regularly with their audience and they are really hospitable when it comes to inquiries. One day I started to bombard them with questions like “did I win” over and over again ha-ha-ha.

They didn’t get mad or anything. And actually, they were really polite about it even though I was being super impatient. So, as I wait for the announcement of the winner. I decided to take a look at their website – it was jam-packed with incredible gadgets!

From ideal cooking gears, Travel essentials, Amazing beauty Products, Baby stuff, anxiety/stress reliever toys, to home improvement items! They almost have it all.

They even have stuff for people who love to buy in sales and products under $10. To me- that was extremely creative.

Here’s a sample of their products:

trendygram-reviewtrendygram review

Sorry, I’m not an expert at screen shot. Though, overall the site was great! It had several things that made it stand out. It had GREAT SUPPORT, and a live chat feature too! I bought their magic defrosting meat tray the moment I saw it because it fit really well on my lifestyle ha-ha. I tend to forget to take out my meat daily, which leads to longer cooking time and wasted energy.

As I was browsing their website there were 5 things that really caught my attention: Would you mind if I put it in here? Of course, you don’t Ha-Ha!

I’m not promoting any of these you can buy them at your own pace. I just got really into it because I’m 100% sure that you won’t be able to buy these things at the local store.

  1. Soft Knit Ponytail Winter Beanie

    trendygram review


    You’re gonna LOVE these NEW Soft Knit Ponytail Confetti Beanies! They’re absolutely perfect for the dedicated, pony-tail lovers of the world!

    These Soft Knit Ponytail Confetti Beanies have a hand knitted or crocheted feel and are specifically designed for long-haired folks who, undoubtedly, have struggled with that age-old question: “How can I wear a hat and an up-do at the same time”? These hats are created with a hole, for your ponytail, built right into the crown!

    Want to get one? CLICK THIS LINK.

  2. Stainless Steel Whisky Ice Stones

    trendygram review
    • Safe and Reusable: Made of FDA-approved 304 grade non-corrosive stainless steel, it is tasteless, reusable and durable, can serve you for many years and save your cost over time
    • Your Perfect Cooling Rocks: Chill down your drinks without diluting it. It’s totally different from soapstone which is fragile and can disintegrate over time, or frozen ice that takes a long time to make and would water your drink down. Perfect gift for whiskey enthusiasts who want to chill but not dilute their drink
    • Innovative and Considerate Design: Though these ice cubes are made of stainless steel, it doesn’t mean they are sharp or jagged. Because this wine chiller is designed as unique dice shape with safe, smooth and evenly rounded corners that won’t scratch your expensive glasses or hurt you while drinking
    • Easy to Clean and Use: 8 reusable stainless steel chilling rocks meet your needs, along with a non-slip silicone tip tong for you to grip the metal ice cubes and place them into your favorite drinks. It is also easy to wash the cooling cubes after every use and store them in the freezer until needed next time
    • Multiple Functions: It’s perfect for any kind of wine and beverage. Enjoy 100% original taste of whiskey, cognac, rum, vodka, gin, cocktails, soft drinks and wine with your families or friends on Birthday Party, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day etc. The spare cubes can also be used for physical cooling or cold compress.            Want to get one? CLICK THIS LINK.


  3. Wanderlust Scratch Off Map

    trendygram review

    How do you know if you have a wanderlust? Well, for starters, you are eager to go, go, go and explore every part of the world! You dream about travel. You save up all of your extra money to be able to travel. You even love watching shows about travel on television.

    If these things sound familiar than Yup, you got it! And you should definitely get this Wanderlust Scratch Off Map for a fun way to keep track of your travels. Printed in a refined gold-and-black palette, all you do is scratch off the places you’ve visited and vivid bursts of color are revealed underneath. Color your world as you travel it with this clever product.

    Want to get one? CLICK THIS LINK.

  4. Awesome Bad Ass Beer Chiller

    Keep your beer chilled longer. Our sleek stainless steel chill-rods are designed to cool your drink INSTANTLY from inside the bottle making them portable & fuss-free. You can drink through the Chill rod whilst it chills, giving you the freedom to enjoy a cold beer wherever & whenever you please.

    Cold beer is magic. Enjoy the experience of having your beer cold for longer. Awesome for parties, tailgating, camping, events or anytime you just want to chill out and relax with a cold beer on a hot day.

    Want to get one? CLICK THIS LINK.

  5. Korean Bubble Mud Clay Mask


So what exactly is the Korean Bubble Mud Clay Mask?

Well, it’s similar to traditional clay masks that work to draw out impurities and clarify your skin. But… there’s an added bonus! The Korean Bubble Mud Clay Mask features carbonated bubbles that “massage” your pores to help the clay go even deeper, removing blackheads and dirt below the surface for a deep cleansing! 

Formulated with carbonated water and mud, the clay mask deep cleans your pores to remove dirt and oil from your face. This mask contains various vegetable extracts and ingredients such as green tea, pomegranate and charcoal powder extract.

The carbonated water provides a soft massage to pores, while the adsorbent power of charcoal and mud remove excess sebum! The clay mud and charcoal powder work together to remove makeup residue while tightening pores!

Want to get one? CLICK THIS LINK.


And that’s it for today! Watch out for part two. It’s going to be really exciting!

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