About me

Hey you! Yes, YOU! Can I ask you a teeny tiny question? How did you find me? Is it on purpose? Or maybe you just happen to stumble on my little website. ha-ha! Anyway, It doesn’t matter, whatever the reason is , I’m glad you’re here right now.

Maybe you ‘re here because you just happen to “accidentally” click one of my many articles.

Maybe you’re here because you want to change something in your life, something that has been eating you from the inside for the longest time.

Maybe you’re here because you felt like you need to improve you attitude, your vision and maybe your whole life! Searching help, and then suddenly, you found your way here.

Maybe you’re here because you’re broken inside, not knowing what to do and how to cope up. Seeking refuge and help, but not knowing where to go, and then God has lead you here.

But, as I’ve said. Whatever your reason is for being here – It doesn’t matter. Because I’ll do my best and give you the best in order to help you get through with your problems. It doesn’t matter if you have problems in your business. It doesn’t matter if you have problems with you relationships. Heck! It doesn’t even matter if you have problems with yourself. Do you want to know why?

Because all of that will disappear. And I will help you conquer all of your problems one-by-one!

Who Is The Frugal Millennial?

I am a dedicated individual who wants to promote my deep passion – To educate the mass, especially the millennials about personal development and financial literacy!

But, enough of the formality! Hi, I’m Rehmil Lautchang Panes. And it’s very nice to meet you! 2 years ago I was in a incredibly deep creek (psychologically) I was hopeless, dreamless, and most of all lifeless. I didn’t care about other people, I didn’t even care about myself.  Back then, I was contented with the live fast and die young scheme. I wanted that for myself. But, then only months after I was at my lowest point.I had an accident, and it nearly took my life….

…But, I’m still here. It was God, he saved me. And it didn’t only happen once or twice, it happened several times. I got into 3 accidents, 2 were close to severe and 1 was fatal. But, every time I got into that state, not long after that I got better, But, what’s more unbelievable about that is the fact that I’m still alive. Because I shouldn’t be, But I’m glad I am!

After numerous setbacks in my life, I finally realized something. Those aren’t “bad lucks” Those were moments when God saved me from something worse than what I’ve already experienced. And I knew he didn’t just save me for no reason, he had a purpose for me. And so, that is where my passion erupted. I finally new why I was saved, I finally realized my true mission in this world.

To help the people who were like me 2 years ago. People who are hopeless. People who are sick of life, who are broken and who are without purpose. Its never too late, You can never be too young or too old to shape your life, to find your purpose and move on with your life. And even to help other people. We all have our own purpose. You may lose your loved ones now, you may receive every bad luck there is in the universe, everyone might hate you. Heck! You might even hate yourself. but, let me tell you something. LIFE IS WORTH LIVING!

It doesn’t matter where you are right now. What matters is where will you be tomorrow! So, Let’s go. Let me help you, we will change your life forever!

What Is My Goal?

My main goal is to help you  become the best you, you can possibly be! The Frugal millennial is an individual fueled by the passion to attain a better life, to be free and become financially literate. I strive to attain financial freedom in order to give back to the world. To help the less fortunate and to make our country a whole lot better. In my blog I share lessons, advice, and tips. Concerning various topics about improving one’s self and about frugality.

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We will be talking about a lot of stuff concerning your development, your financial life and your spiritual life! I want to help the people to be as financially literate and as completely confident as possible. I have a dream, a dream that our country will rise again because of the efforts of our people. People who are powerful enough, confident enough and independent enough to handle the “real” world and strive to attain better than where they are right now.